Bee Line hemp wicks will amplify your smoking

Evidence suggests that humans controlled fire as early as one million years ago, an incredible achievement that fuelled our success. On the other hand, smoking dates back as far as 5,000 BC but was probably happening well before this.

As remarkable as these facts are, what we find more remarkable is how we take fire for granted today. With a flick or click, we can make fire with a lighter and light our tobacco and herbs in seconds. No sticks needed!

To us, there is something artificial about using a plastic or metal lighter to light a natural product. Wood matches are better, but most are made from virgin wood, which has high carbon emissions we’d rather avoid.

In our quest to find a better way to light our herbs and tobacco, we stumbled upon Bee Line, a manufacturer of hemp wicks coated in bee’s wax.

About Bee Line

Bee Line makes natural hemp wicks coated in bee’s wax. Their hemp wick comes in two sizes: Original Gauge 7-strand and Gauge 13-strand.

The company, founded in 2005 in Maui as Bee Line Hawaii, set out to make a natural product that burns clean with minimal smoke, so all their hemp wicks are unbleached and chemical-free. Today, Bee Line hemp wicks are the most popular products of their kind, and we are yet to find another hemp wick that matches them.

Bee Line and hemp wicks 

Hemp wicks are nothing new. Hemp has been used to make candle wicks for hundreds of years wherever hemp is grown. But what Bee Line has done is special - they have made a range of wicks designed for smokers.

Hemp wicks burn slower than cotton wicks, and hemp has a much lower carbon footprint than wood. It is estimated that you can get as much fibre from three acres of cotton as from a single acre of hemp, making it very eco-friendly.

From a smoker’s point of view, hemp wicks make sense. Hemp burns cleaner than wood and burns no chemicals, so no chemical emissions touch your herbs. And because it’s coated in a layer of bee’s wax, hemp wicks hold their shape with no drooping.

A smoother hit, time after time 

You might think that fire is fire, but hemp wicks burn at a lower temperature than lighters because the wick burns slower than butane.

Thanks to this lower burn temperature, hemp wicks destroy fewer cannabinoids than a lighter at the burning point, so your first draw is cleaner and stronger.

Granted, you still need to light a hemp wick with a lighter or wooden match, but you still eliminate the possibility of that lighter contaminating your herbs.

People who smoke with Bee Line hemp wicks report smoother hits and better highs, especially with high-quality herbs. Thanks to cannabinoid preservation, you will be able to enjoy your finest herbs like never before.

Not sure whether hemp wicks are right for you? Pick up a pack and give them a go. They last a long time and will save you money on new lighters.


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