Session Goods and the quest for a sublime smoke

When it comes to bongs, pipes, and accessories like stash jars, you can pay a pittance for something made from disposable plastic, or you can invest in high-quality glassware that not only last years but looks incredible too.

Us? We’re firmly in the glassware camp, and we believe that the best herbs and smokables deserve great accessories.

If you feel the same way, Session Goods is for you.

Introducing Session Goods

Session Goods manufacturers beautiful, functional borosilicate smoking devices that are unmistakeably minimalist. With clean lines and geometric simplicity, their pipes and bongs are pleasing to the eye and fantastic to use.

The company is based in San Francisco, California, where recreational marijuana is legal. By immersing themselves in this free market, they have created a range of products that transcend the norm.

What sets Session Goods apart? That would be their modern, minimalist pipes and bongs that ditch complexity for simple shapes. The idea behind every product is to create a sensual experience that feels great to use.

High-quality is an understatement!

Like a luxury car or watch, Session Goods products ooze quality. It’s the clarity of the borosilicate glass, the perfect shapes, and the refined designs that provide a real aura of sophistication.

Take the Session Bong, for example. The cylindrical glass is 4mm thick with an angled mouthpiece and a moulded indent for the grip. The bowl and down stem create smooth airflow, delivering a pure hit.

Then we have the One Hitter, which has to be our favourite product. Made from smoked borosilicate glass, it delivers a supreme smoking experience. It can hold a pre-rolled joint, or you can stick it in the Session Bong for a sublime smoke.

An unbeatable range of designer products 

The quality of Session Goods is, of course, only part of the story, and we also have to admire the sheer range of breadth of products available.

They offer three core products:

  • Bong
  • Pipe
  • One Hitter (can also be used in the Bong)

Attached to these products are a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Silicone sleeves
  • Cleaning caps
  • Down stems
  • Large and small bowls

They also sell ashtrays, stash jars, cleaning solutions and a de-bowler. In other words, they sell an entire ecosystem of products for your smoking.

What does this mean? It means that if you like the Session Goods brand, they sell a product for everything. Best of all, the Bong and Pipe are available in multiple colours, and you can also pick up money-saving bundles that offer good value. 

Is Session Goods worth the money?

We get it. You can pick up a plastic pipe and a cheap glass bong for less than £10. And you know what? These are fine for cheap herbs. But when you pay good money for good herbs, it makes sense to have a high-quality pipe and bong too.

Session Goods doesn’t just manufacture high-quality goods; its products are also unique and beautiful. They are definitely worth the money!


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