Stündenglass – Worthy of the hype?

Most of us have pipes and bongs that we hide out of sight. You know the ones - plastic, cheap, but functional. Stündenglass is no such brand. With Stündenglass, you get a glass pipe that is worthy of display on a mantelpiece.

No other niche brand holds such high esteem in the industry, and it all started with the launch of a patented 360° gravity bong.

The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is a masterpiece in design. The 360° glass hookah spins on its axis, generating kinetic energy that displaces water. Gravity and airflow force heat onto the tobacco from heated coals, vaporising it for inhalation. This contactless action provides the purest inhalation, with no contamination.

If all that sounds like overkill for a smoking experience, you have to remember that people spend a lot of money on good tobacco and herbs. It stands to reason that these people will want the best smoking experience possible.

About Stündenglass 

Stündenglass is a German company owned by vaporiser company Grenco Sciences. They develop sophisticated, elegant hookahs for people who smoke high-quality herbs and tobacco. Their first product was the Glass Gravity Infuser, the world's first gravity-powered, contactless infuser that uses kinetic motion activation.

The bong and glass pipe market are flooded with products that claim to be epic, but Stündenglass lives up to the hype. The ease of use, quality, and smoking experience is best in class, suitable for the most expensive herbs.

There's nothing else like the Gravity Hookah 

There are dozens of companies that make glass pipes. Stündenglass stands out as an innovator. There is nothing else like the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah, and if something else comes along like it, it will only be an imitation.

Hookahs are nothing new, of course. Syrian hookahs, and anodised aluminium hookahs, are popular all over the world. But these products don't use water and kinetic energy to provide consistent smoke. In this respect, Stündenglass is unique.

In many respects, the Stündenglass is a work of art. It's proof that form and function can converge beautifully with an aluminium frame and borosilicate glass globes. The finishing is exquisite, inspiring confidence with the heaviest use.

Is Stündenglass worth the money? 

There's no getting around the fact the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is an expensive bit of kit. You're looking at a bong that costs hundreds of pounds. But if you have the money, we'd wager there isn't a better way to smoke.

By buying a Stündenglass Gravity Hookah, you also get a guaranteed unique product, with the technology patented by the company. A 10-year warranty is standard, assuring quality, and you get a reusable craft box with a handle.

If you smoke cheap tobacco and herbs, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is overkill, but for connoisseurs, it's a worthwhile investment for sure.

If you don't have enough money to spend on a Stündenglass, a regular borosilicate water pipe will serve you well. K Haring and Marley Natural also make high-quality water pipes, but you'll have to forego the fancy gravity technology.

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