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Amnesia - All Natural Terpenes

A rich, haze-infused blend of licorice, black pepper, and herbal notes makes Amnesia terpene strain a dizzying experience. A seductive interplay of warm spice and cooilng fennel is suspended in a hazy matrix of sweet gas with an undercurrent of bright terpinolene to hold the profile together. This intoxicating cross of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer is not to be missed.

Similar Strains: Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Candy Jack, Narnia, Cracker Jack, Super Lemon Haze, Northern Lights, Chemdawg

Special Handling Instructions
In order to best preserve the volatile compounds that create the gassy notes, please adhere to the following:

Purchase in the bottle size you need for an individual production run, and limit unnecessarily opening the bottle.
Keep refrigerated for optimal freshness.
Before opening, gently invert the bottle to reincorporate the volatile compounds back into the solution.

  • Flavor and Aroma: Pine, Sweet
  • Effects Profile: Energetic, Euphoric
  • Strain: Sativa

Storage Requirements

Keep in the original container, lid securely tightened and away from heat, open flames, sunlight, combustible materials and hot surfaces. Do not smoke while handling. Store in a cool dry place. Improper storage can cause terpenes to degrade.


Terpene Strains, Cultivar Series, & Flavor-Infused Strain Profiles, Effects-Based Terpene Profiles, Live Resin Hemp-derived Terpenes, Terpene Flavors, and Flow Extract Liquidizer:
The Terpene products above must be diluted before use. (1-5% by total volume). Terpenes are oil soluble.

Handle With Care
Can cause skin irritation, do not use it before dilution!

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