BRNT Ascend - Pink

BRNT Ascend - Pink

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Defined by walls of sleek, marbled concrete and punctuated with an elevated platform, the Ascend plays with levels and internal structures to create a separation between the flower, and the accessories needed to roll.


The BRNT Ascend is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and sustainable lunchbox. Made with organic materials that are free of chemicals and toxins, the Ascend ensures that your food is safe and secure. The sleek black design will fit anywhere and be sure to turn heads.

Dedicated space for accessories
An elevated platform for rolling
How to use:

The Ascend is designed for a clean and stylish cannabis preparation experience. The built-in storage channels are for sweeping loose flowers aside and for keeping your tools clear from the rolling area. The elevated platform is designed for rolling or any kind of prep needed—including grinding flowers.

Dimensions overall:

230 mm length | 9 inches
146 mm width | 5.7 inches
24 mm height | 0.9 inches
Material: Concrete

Cleaning instructions: Soak the Ascend in hot water and dish soap for a deep clean. You may use an isopropyl alcohol swab to wipe down. Do not soak the Ascend in isopropyl alcohol and/or use any metal cleaning tools to avoid damaging the finish.

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