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Flow Extract Liquidizer

All Natural, high-performance extract liquidizer. Optimize the flow rate of extracts without impacting flavour. Use on any vape-ready extract, including D9, D8, D10, CBD, and HHC.

All Natural

  • Accessible price point
  • Virtually flavourless and odourless
  • Uses the cleanest ingredients, based on the True Terpenes True Grade process
  • Use with any vape-ready extracts, including D9, D8, D10, CBD, and HHC

Storage Requirements

Keep in the original container, lid securely tightened and away from heat, open flames, sunlight, combustible materials and hot surfaces. Do not smoke while handleing. Store in a cool dry place. Improper storage can cause terpenes to degrade.


Terpene Strains, Cultivar Series, & Flavor-Infused Strain Profiles, Effects-Based Terpene Profiles, Live Resin Hemp-derived Terpenes, Terpene Flavors, and Flow Extract Liquidizer:
The Terpene products above must be diluted before use. (1-5% by total volume). Terpenes are oil soluble.

Handle With Care
Can cause skin irritation, do not use it before dilution!

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