Hashies - Lemon Haze

Hashies - Lemon Haze

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Hashies are hand-crafted strain-inspired nugs. They were designed as stress relief toys for general work stress and anxiety, with strain-specific terpenes or more traditional sents to help with when needed. These have also been designed in mind to help children who are receiving medical cannabis as a medication to help with the healing process.  

1 x Hashie Nug Buddy
1x Carry Bag
1x 2ml Sent of choice (Approx 40 Sprays, each spray lasts up to 4 days)

To apply sents, please hold your Hashie approx 15-20cm away and spray 1 - 2 sprits to mist over your Hashie and let the mist coat. Feel free to rub in your hashie as the more you cuddle and play with it the more character they will develop. 

Please remember to wash your hands after spraying. 
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* Beenies in development

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