PCKT 510 SPRK 3 Ceramic Cartridge - Marble

PCKT 510 SPRK 3 Ceramic Cartridge - Marble

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The SPRK 3 Ceramic Cartridge by PCKT is an empty refillable cartridge designed from the ground up to be the cleanest and most durable cart on the market. Featuring reliable metal components where needed, tight silicone gasket tolerance to ensure an airtight seal and full ceramic-only contact with your concentrate. This cartridge features a leak-resistant TruCeramic core making it perfect for larger hits with bigger airflow, better flavour and long-lasting durability for multiple uses.


Full Specs

  • Capacity: 1ml
  • Ohm: 1.5
  • Dimensions: 10.5mm x 56mm
  • Connection: 510 threaded
  • Dimensions: 11W x 54H
  • Colours: Obsidian & Marble

More Capacity + More Usage

With our larger capacity refillable vape cartridge, you can vape longer and reuse more. Our new and improved durable build means these carts can handle more refills than ever before.


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