Pipes and bongs don’t come cooler than Freeze Pipe’s (literally!)

Every so often, products like electric dab rigs come along that make smoking a better experience. However, cooling devices have enjoyed no such revolution, still using chambers and water to cool down smoke and provide a smooth hit.

Freeze Pipe, a small American-owned online smoke shop, has taken matters into its own hands to innovate cooling apparatus for smoking. It started with a simple question - what if we could pass the smoke through a frozen coil?

Freeze Pipe’s grand innovation 

Freeze Pipe makes pipes, bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs with a glycerine coil that you freeze in a home freezer for around an hour before smoking.

When smoke passes through the glycerine coil, it cools rapidly (by over 300 degrees Fahrenheit) to an ice-cold temperature. Inhaling smoke from one of their freeze pipes is akin to breathing in the cold morning air during winter.

The company’s glycerine coil is user-removable, and you can buy the coils separately, letting you keep a steady flow of frozen coils ready to go.

Freeze Pipe’s products cool down the smoke significantly compared to water pipes and bongs. The smoke is genuinely freezing, creating a sublime smoking experience that brings out the best qualities in all kinds of herbs.

People who try the cool icy smoke never want to go back to water cooling; the rapid cooling smooths the smoke and makes it akin to an icy vapour.

Importantly, the coil is reusable and cleanable by soaking it in a plastic bag with a mild cleaning solution. You then rinse it with warm water.

What’s it like to smoke a Freeze Pipe? 

The smoke is what you’d expect if it had travelled through a pipe system in the arctic and reached your lungs – icy, fresh and crisp.

Because the glycerine coil cools the smoke without filtering it, the hit is intense, ensuring all your finest herbs maintain their potency.

The smoke is smoother than when smoked dry, and it feels less harsh on the throat, making harsher strains and herb mixes more bearable.

Freeze Pipe product range 

Freeze Pipe has several products powered by its glycerine coils:

Are Freeze Pipe products worth it? 

There are no smoking devices on the market like those from Freeze Pipe. If you want the coldest smoke possible, these devices are far superior to water coolers, and because the coils are cleanable, you can extend their life without replacing them.

Overall, Freeze Pipe products are worth it if you like cool, smooth smoke. You’ll enjoy a smooth hit every time, and your herbs will taste better than ever. Shop the full range of products here and hit us up if you have any questions.

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