The Beauty of Empire Glass works Water Pipes

The Beauty of Empire Glass works Water Pipes

Every so often, a product comes along that improves your life, like voice-controlled plug sockets, waterless car wash and glass water pipes. 

Remember the first time you used a glass water pipe. The weight of the pipe and the smoothness of the draw was out of this world compared to acrylic.  

Empire Glassworks is one of our favourite producers of glass water pipes because they consistently create high-quality products. Their pipe designs are also different, delivering a real sense of intrigue and class that other glass pipes can’t match. 

Whether you’re looking for your first glass pipe or want to upgrade to something more substantial, Empire Glassworks is a perfect match.

Beauty, but not at the expense of function 

Empire Glassworks is a glass manufacturer based an hour south of Los Angeles. Their products are revered in the smoking industry for their colourful designs, ornate glasswork and fantastic smoking experience. 

Although they only arrived on the bong scene in 2013, Empire Glassworks has reinvented what a modern bong should look like. 

Each Empire Glassworks glass water pipe is individually blown and crafted, with intricate glasswork and hand-finished embellishments. The beauty of these pieces is such that we consider them works of art. 

The studio’s small sculptures and core focus on design have spawned a series of beautiful, themed glass pipes based on animals, legends, nature, gems, gods and goddesses and much more. Every piece is as unique as the last!

All Empire’s bongs are made from borosilicate glass with thick walls, an important feature often missing in cheap glass pipes. The thickness of the glass makes it robust and durable, so you can reasonably expect 2-3 years of use from it. 

Why Empire Glassworks is worth the money 

In case you haven’t noticed, Empire Glassworks is a high-end studio. It isn’t unusual for their water pipes to command three and sometimes four figures. 

The question to ask yourself is whether you want to give your expensive herbs justice with a fine smoking experience. If you do, look no further. 

Here’s a run-down of what to expect from an Empire Glassworks glass pipe: 

  • Individually hand-crafted 
  • Borosilicate glass 
  • Intricate embellishments 
  • Heavy sidewalls 
  • Thick glass base
  • Multi-hole diffusers
  • Barrel percolator 
  • Turbine percolator 
  • All glass parts (no acrylic) 

Empire Glassworks is worth the money because the water pipes are hand-blown, hand-finished and lovingly made in one factory. When you buy an Empire piece, you buy a one-off piece blown and made by experts.

Another benefit to Empire Glassworks is the sheer range of designs, from designer water bottle replicas to pipes with dragons and pipes with flowers. 

Empire Glassworks’ interesting designs have made their bongs a cult favourite in the herb community. As collectors ourselves, we love the uniqueness of the pieces and the idea that all their bongs are handmade. 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Empire Glassworks. Their bongs/pipes offer exceptional quality and attention to detail, making an incredible gift or centrepiece for all your smoking sessions. Browse our collection today!

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