Identify Counterfeit Stundenglass: 6 Units Revealed!

Please note that Stundenglass now produce 6 different units !


  • Joshua Stoner

    Unfortunately I purchased a counterfeit twice without realizing it. It constantly leaks, all of the seals and glue are incredibly bad and will fail within the first time using. The magnets holding the hose to the stem fell off out of the box. And after a while of using the glass domes are impossible to get off, I have no idea why. I’ve ordered one from the website itself in hopes that I was wrong about them due to using a fake one as my first impression.

  • Nicholas Francis

    Do you sell gravity infusers with glass that looks like a pineapple

  • trevor

    just found out the store i work at is selling fakes. issa a evil world we live in….

  • Ilan

    i bought one last week but the black bowl that stinks ad it didn’t have the card

  • Tracey

    This is great to know, I almost bought a fake!

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