Not Just a Novelty Toy

Hashies presents an innovative approach to mental wellness through its range of crochet cannabis inspired toys, each designed to aid in anxiety and stress relief. Inspired by the founder's recovery journey from PTSD and a deep appreciation for the natural healing powers of medical cannabis, Hashies were crafted as therapeutic companions to provide comfort during times of mental distress. These unique desk pets, like Bruce, Purple, and Lemon, are more than just plushies — they are a supportive tool for managing everyday anxieties and promoting mental well-being. With each Hashie crafted to offer a tangible sense of relief and joy, Hashies not only serve as a cuddly antidote to stress but also aim to foster open discussions about mental health and the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Hashies OG Bunch


Hashies in Therapy: Opening Doors to Dialogue!

These therapeutic agents, currently under trial, have demonstrated significant potential in aiding patients to engage and express themselves during sessions involving Hashies.