Bruce Banner  Limited Edition
Bruce Banner  Limited Edition

Bruce Banner Limited Edition

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Limited Edition - Bruce Banner

What's in the Bag?

Each Hashie is supplied with complimentary accessories:

  • 2ml Bruce Banner Terpenes
  • Hashie Carry Pod (Choice of color)
  • Plastic Display Box
  • 1 Hand Crafted Bruce Banner

Introducing the Limited Edition "Bruce Banner" Hashie, a landmark in our cherished collection of handcrafted Companions, inspired by the enchanting shapes of nugs. As the inaugural prototype production unit, "Bruce Banner" embodies a pivotal moment in our story, commemorating the relentless dedication, creativity, and thorough research that underpin our design and development efforts. This edition is limited to just 100 exclusive pieces, offering a rare opportunity to own a part of history.

Each "Bruce Banner" Hashie is a celebration of joy and craftsmanship, meticulously designed to offer comfort and personality. Perfectly sized for hugging, these companions fit snugly in hands of all sizes. With its distinctive, shorter, and stockier silhouette, "Bruce Banner" showcases its unique allure. Adhering to UK safety standards.

Beyond being mere toys, Hashies serve a profound purpose. They have been created to break the stigma surrounding cannabis and foster open conversations with healthcare professionals about therapy and recovery. Demonstrating promising results in therapy sessions for anxiety and stress relief, these Hashies are beacons of relaxation and happiness. Each comes with a semi-removable label for ultimate comfort

This limited edition gem is presented in a clear plastic collector box, complete with a certificate of authenticity, affirming its status as a rare collector's item. The creation of these 100 units is a historical homage to the hard work and effort invested in the conception of Hashies. 

Embrace the chance to enrich your collection with a "Bruce Banner", a symbol of innovation, comfort, and the therapeutic promise ingrained in its creation. This exclusive offer is a nod to our pioneering ethos and extends an invitation for you to join in our historical journey. By securing your Limited Edition "Bruce Banner" Hashie, you not only acquire a unique piece of our legacy but also support the mission to de-stigmatize cannabis use and encourage meaningful dialogue around therapy and recovery. Claim your piece of history today and be part of the movement towards openness and healing.

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