Joints, blunts, and spliffs – what’s the difference anyway?

Joints, blunts and spliffs are all rolled cannabis products, and their names are sometimes used interchangeably depending on geographic region. However, they are different, and all self-respecting users should know the difference.

Here are the basics:

  • Joints - cannabis rolled in paper
  • Spliffs - cannabis and tobacco rolled in paper
  • Blunts - cannabis and tobacco rolled in a cigar wrap

What is a joint?

A joint contains only cannabis, delivering the purest cannabis hit.

Joints are rolled in thin rolling paper in big, small, or medium sizes, with a thin cardboard tip/crutch, often made from the cardboard packaging of the rolling paper – although you can buy unbleached paper for the tip for a purer smoke.

Joints are small and portable, burning faster than spliffs and blunts. That fast burn and extra potency make joints best for a quick high.

What is a spliff?

A spliff is the same as a joint, except it contains tobacco.

Cannabis and tobacco are usually split in a 50/50 ratio, depending on how strong you want them. The tobacco usually comes from a cigarette sprinkled on top or below the cannabis, but you can also use pouch tobacco.

Some people prefer the taste of a spliff to a joint, with tobacco mellowing out the taste of cannabis and masking the smell.

What is a blunt?

A blunt contains cannabis and tobacco but uses cigar paper instead of rolling paper.

Also known as a blunt wrap, cigar paper is denser and more robust than rolling paper, allowing the final product to be much larger. The ratio of tobacco to cannabis can be as high as 70/30 due to the sheer size of the blunt.

Blunts last longer than spliffs and can be significantly bigger due to the cigar paper, but the overall potency tends to be lower. Some papers are also flavoured.

Joint vs blunt vs spliff: Which is best?

Which is best comes down to personal preference and where you will smoke. Here are the main things you need to consider:

  • Joints – small and portable but potent. Not very discreet, but ideal for smoking and enjoying weed at home.
  • Spliffs – small, portable, and easy to spark up. More discreet than joints and less potent, making them a better option during the day.
  • Blunts – larger, better for sharing. It takes experience to roll one, but the skill lasts a lifetime and comes into its own at parties.

Getting the most out of your joints, spliffs and blunts

Firstly, get yourself some decent rolling papers. Our best-selling rolling papers are the Bee Line Rolling Papers and Lunacy Rolling Papers. Another sweet option is Raw Organic Hemp papers, which come with tips to make rolling up a piece of cake.

Next, get yourself a rolling tray to roll up without wasting any product. A case will also come in handy when moving around.

Happy smoking!

Please note: We do not endorse cannabis - all the content in this article is for informational and educational purposes only.

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