The Complete Guide to Quartz Inserts: Benefits, Usage, Cleaning, and Tips

Quartz inserts have become a popular dabbing accessory due to their ability to provide even distribution, improved heat retention, enhanced flavor, and more. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of using quartz inserts, how to use and clean them, and what to look for when purchasing one.

Benefits of Using Quartz Inserts:

Enhanced Flavor: Quartz inserts evenly distribute the concentrate, resulting in a more flavorful dabbing experience.
Increased Vaporization: With even distribution and efficient heat retention, quartz inserts maximize vapor production from your concentrates.
Improved Heat Retention: The spinning motion of quartz inserts ensures even heat distribution, leading to longer-lasting and smoother hits.
Visual Enhancement: Quartz inserts can add aesthetic appeal to your dabbing setup with their various shapes and designs.
Customizable Options: With a range of sizes, shapes, and colors available, you can find a quartz insert that matches your style and preferences.
Easy to Clean: Cleaning quartz inserts is a simple process involving soaking in ISO or a cleaning solution, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
Affordable and Accessible: Quartz inserts are cost-effective and widely available, making them accessible to dabbers of all levels.
How to Use Quartz Inserts:

Drop-in Method: Heat your banger and let it cool to the desired temperature, then add the quartz insert to ensure controlled heating.
Reheat Method: Place the quartz insert in the banger before heating, then drop your dab and avoid overheating the insert.
What to Look for in a Quartz Insert:

Material Quality: Choose a high-quality quartz crystal for better heat retention and durability.
Size/Thickness: Consider the size and thickness that fits your banger and provides optimal heat distribution.
Design and Shape: Select a quartz insert with a design or shape that complements your style and preferences.
Ease of Cleaning: Ensure the quartz insert is easy to clean to maintain its longevity and performance.
Personal Preferences: Take your own dabbing preferences into account when choosing the perfect quartz insert.
Reviews and Reputation: Purchase inserts from reputable brands and read reviews for a better buying experience.
How to Clean Quartz Inserts:

Remove the inserts with a dab claw, taking care as they will be hot.
Rinse with warm water to loosen the concentrate.
Use ISO or a cleaning solution to soak the inserts for a few minutes.
Gently scrub with a paper towel or Q-tip.
Rinse again with warm water.
Dry the inserts with a paper towel to prevent breakdown when heated.
Store the quartz inserts in a safe and organized space.
Do's and Don'ts of Using Quartz Inserts:


Store in a flat, dry space.
Keep it clean after each use.
Leave dirt on the inserts.
Overheat the inserts.

Quartz inserts are an excellent addition to any dabbing setup, offering various benefits and enhancing your dabbing experience. By following our guide on using, cleaning, and choosing the right quartz insert, you can enjoy flavorful and efficient dabs. Shop with Honeybee Herb for high-quality quartz inserts that won't break the bank. Happy dabbing!

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