AVD Alpha Rose Gold

AVD Alpha Rose Gold

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The AVD Alpha Black vaporizer battery is a sleek and high-performing device designed for a superior vaping experience. Here are its key features and specifications:

Battery Capacity: It is equipped with a 280mAh Grade-A Lithium-ion battery, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance​​​.
Voltage Control: The device offers two voltage settings – 2.6V for flavour and terpene retention and 3.5V for creating big clouds, providing users with the flexibility to customize their vaping experience​.
Design and Functionality: The AVD Alpha Pen features a sleek design with a removable cap that covers the 510-thread cartridge, providing both discretion and protection from drops and falls​.
User Experience: It is draw-activated and includes haptic vibration feedback for intuitive use. This feature ensures users know the battery is activating without needing to look for LED light indicators​.
Charging and Safety: The device includes a micro-USB port with short-circuit overcharge protection, ensuring easy and safe charging​.
Temperature Control Technology: The AVD Alpha utilizes AVD’s PowerWave™ technology to help stabilize temperatures and regulate the heat generated by the cartridge, preventing overheating or burning of the oil

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