Cali Crumble - Lemon Haze
Cali Crumble - Lemon Haze

Cali Crumble - Lemon Haze

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With a higher concertation of CBD that's derived from 100% naturally grown cannabis and ethically sourced materials, you'll be able to innovate your own vaping experience with these 1g Cali Crumbles. From 12 terpene flavours with each 1000mg shatter, you'll be granted a pure, undiluted CBD vaping experience with these crumbles when dabbing any one you choose. They have been lab tested by third parties to further ensure their purity and safety.

  • - 1000mg CBD Shatter
  • - 90% CBD
  • - Cannabis-derived terpenes inside.
  • - High CBD content, as well as other cannabinoids.
  • - Made from 100% cannabis plants and ethically sourced materials
  • - For recreational users who like strong CBD Supplements.
  • - Independently tested for safety and purity
  • Free UK Shipping on orders over £45
  • Indulge in delightful bonuses every time!

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