Freeze Pipe  14mm Honeycomb Bowl

Freeze Pipe 14mm Honeycomb Bowl

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The Freeze Pipe 14mm Honeycomb Bowl is designed to promote better airflow and function while keeping debris from entering the pipe. The honeycomb design also helps keep pieces cleaner for longer and makes cleaning easy with its regular-sized holes. A simple paperclip is all you need to clean out any remaining ash.

 *New: 3x Mega Bowl

  • 18mm honeycomb bowl that holds 3x the amount of herb

14mm Honeycomb Fits:

  • Recycler Bong
  • Klein Recycler
  • Beaker Bong

18mm Honeycomb Fits:

  • Bubbler
  • Bubbler Pro
  • Regular Bong
  • Bong XL
  • Bong Dual

Freeze Pipe Bowl:

  • Freeze Pipe

Bubbler Bowl

  • 18mm bowl that comes on the standard bubbler. This is not a honeycomb bowl. Features one small hole the bottom. Your "standard" bowl.
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