Freeze Pipe Bong Dual
Freeze Pipe Bong Dual
Freeze Pipe Bong Dual
Freeze Pipe Bong Dual

Freeze Pipe Bong Dual

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The king of cold just got an upgrade. Now with a better base, added UFO perc and our largest glycerin coil, the new Bong Dual is your new go-to. Combines three levels of filtration and cooling power to ensure a smooth delivery with zero burns. Make no mistake about it, this is the apex predator of all Freeze Pipe bongs. 

Revolver Glycerin Coil

Upgraded coil promotes better airflow and easier cleaning

Showerhead & UFO Percolator

Two levels of filtration create a smooth and irritant-free experience. Removes as much tar, ash and plant matter as a bong physically can

Largest Glycerin Chamber

50% more glycerin than our entry-level bong

Fast Cleaning

Detachable parts simplify cleaning and storage

Freezes Quick & Stays Frozen

1-hour freeze is all you need. Cools smoke by over 300 degrees and stay cold for the whole group sesh

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