Chilled Halloween-themed Freeze Pipe in hand
Close-up of the intricate Halloween designs on the Freeze Pipe Hand Pipe
The Freeze Pipe Halloween edition displayed against a dark, haunted background.
Limited edition Freeze Pipe with Halloween motifs
Eerie green smoke swirling out of the Halloween Freeze Pipe
Person taking a spooky cool hit from the Halloween Freeze Pipe.
Chillingly detailed craftsmanship of the Freeze Pipe Halloween Hand Pipe.
Festive smoking session with the Halloween-themed Freeze Pipe.
Ghostly wisps of smoke emerging from the Freeze Pipe's Halloween design
Perfectly chilled hits from the unique Freeze Pipe, Halloween special

Freeze Pipe Halloween Pipe - Limited Edition

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ETA 10 November 2023

Freeze Pipe is a glass hand pipe featuring a freezable glycerin coil. When smoke passes through the frozen chamber it’s instantly cooled (by over 300 degrees) to a chilly temperature resulting in a dramatically smooth and clean toke.

  • Ice-cold and extremely smooth hits
  • Freezes quick and stays frozen
  • Removable honeycomb-style bwl for easy ashing and packing
  • No spillage, nasty mess or high upkeep that's associated with larger water bongs
  • Free UK Shipping on orders over £35
  • Indulge in delightful bonuses every time!

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