Freeze Pipe Mood Mat
Freeze Pipe Mood Mat
Freeze Pipe Mood Mat

Freeze Pipe Mood Mat

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Sturdy dab mat made from upcycled useable rubber. When using a dab rig there's bound to be some mess. Melted wax sticks to everything and can easily ruin table tops and other furniture. This dab mat is your go-to place for dab tools, dab rigs and anything else smoking-related. Sticky wax easily cleans off the mat and the rubber material provides a stronger hold than resting your glass piece on slippery countertops. Next time you're dabbing place your used dab tool and everything else on this dab mat and rest assured you won't be making spontaneous trips to IKEA anytime soon.

- 11.5" x 11.5"
- Easy to clean, prevents tables from being ruined by sticky wax and other mess
- Great resting spot and command center for glass pieces
- Eco-friendly: Keeps useable rubber from unnecessarily entering our landfills
- Made in the USA

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