Freeze_pipe_tornado bong
Freeze Pipe Tornado Bong
Freeze Pipe Tornado Bong
Freeze Pipe Tornado Bong

Freeze Pipe Tornado Bong

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Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design the Tornado is low on maintenance and high on function. Easy to use, clean and hold this piece performs like a "big bong" without the hassle. Multi-directional percolators create a cyclone of filtration while a unique "Z" provides an organic handle.

Tornado Water Function

Twin turbine percolators spin water in opposite directions creating a mini twister inside your piece

Easy To Pass & Use

Sturdy yet lightweight feel, slender body and stands 15" tall

Grip-It Handle

The Built-in "Z" shape creates a natural handle

Bigger Clouds, No Afterburn

Glycerin chambers cool smoke by over 300 degrees for icy smooth tokes

Revolver Glycerin Coil

Big pulls, little effort. Upgraded coil promotes better airflow and easy cleaning

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