Honey Well

Honey Well

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  • Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Thickness - 2.5mm
  • Edge - Bevel
  • 90° Frosted Joint
  • Butane Torch Recommended

Have you been searching a Quartz Banger that packs a little more than other dab rig bangers? The Honey Well Quartz Banger is a definitely a top contender for the title. This 2.5mm thick chambered banger nail is made from 100% Quartz, features a frosted tip, has an outer diameter of 25mm, and requires a Marble Set for proper function.

To properly use the Honey Well, you will place the smallest pearl of the marble set in followed by the second largest, or valve marble, which will fit into the middle chamber. Heat appropriately with a butane torch. When finished heating allow the nail to cool to your desired heat, then place your product into the bottom chamber and top with the largest marble. Once the camber is sealed, the air that is pulled through the angled holes in the side of the bottom chamber will cause a vortex to spin the pearl in the bottom while also rotating the valve marble. The valve marble helps keep product from reaching the upper chamber of the quartz banger.

This is the unit design comes in both 45-degree and 90-degree and is available in male and female connector joints ranging from 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

Grab yourself a Honey Well Quartz Banger today and make sure to also pick up a Dab Marble Set to ensure you get the most out of it!!
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