Mushroom Pillar Terp Set - Red

Mushroom Pillar Terp Set - Red

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  • Glass Marble - 20mm
  • Glass Mushroom Pillar - 33mm Tall, 12mm Thick Top, 6mm Thick Base
  • Pearl - 6mm (colour may vary)

The Mushroom Pillar Set is the perfect addition to any Honeysuckle-style banger in the Honeybee Herb lineup. This set features a 20mm Marble, 6mm Pearl, and a mushroom-shaped pillar that stands approx. 33mm tall, is about 12mm thick at the head of the mushroom and 6mm thick at the base.

This set functions by placing the pearl into the bottom of the Honeysuckle, followed by the Mushroom Pillar itself. The pillar will suspend in the middle of the nail. Then, heat appropriately and place the marble on top. The pearl and mushroom will spin when air is pulled through the banger. This aids in the vaporization of your product by whipping and moving it around to all areas of your nail. The pillar will also help bring your product up vertically through the nail, making it ideal for use with a Honeysuckle-style banger.

Build yourself a setup that is nothing short of awesome with a Honeysuckle Diamond Sundial Quartz Banger and a Glass Mushroom Pillar Terp Set.

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  • 20mm Pearl x1
  • Mushroom Pillar x1
  • 6mm Terp Pearl x1
  • *Terp Pearl Color May Vary
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