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Boasting a dual ceramic core and a patented design, the PCKT SPRK Cartridge is an optimal refillable cartridge with a standard 510 threaded connection and a magnetic connection compatible with the PCKT One Plus & PCKT Two. Enjoy maximized flavour with this comprehensive cartridge solution.

Full Specs

  • Capacity: .8ml
  • Ohm: 1.5
  • Coil: TruCeramic Core
  • Connection: Magnetic and 510 threaded
  • Dimensions Magnetic: 11W x 59H
  • Dimensions 510 Threaded: 11W x 54H
Not Compatible with AVD Seed Devices


The SPRK Magnetic Cartridge by PCKT was expertly crafted to maximize the flavour of your concentrates. This unique 510 magnetic cartridge boasts a dual ceramic coil and enhanced air intake for superior performance. Developed in the San Francisco Bay Area by the minds behind popular concentrates, the SPRK offers outstanding results.

Amazing Pure Flavor
There is a reason this patented 510 cartridge ranks as one of the best 510 cartridges on vaping 360. The flavour and taste produced from the SPRK Cartridge is unbeatable by any cartridge on the market. Its patented design also ensures that none of your precious oil or concentrates leaks out during use or when following the storage recommendations. Say goodbye to leaking carts ruining your 510 batteries.

One Of A Kind Heating Elements

The SPRK Cartridge features a true dual ceramic core. The dual ceramic core allows for more reliable and consistent wicking when compared to conventional single ceramic core cartridges. Dual ceramic core heating elements also ensure that even the high-viscosity oils deliver respectable cloud sizes and potent flavour profiles. Carefully crafted and engineered to be used more than once, the SPRK Cartridge can be used over and over again long before you reach that burnt taste like you normally would after one use of a standard 510 cartridge.

CAT 3 Compliance
We stand by our customers and every product we create and to ensure that you and our partners both remain compliant in regards to CAT3 Heavy Metals Testing we provide testing results for every style of SPRK Cartridge offered. Below you will find testing results showing the SPRK Cartridge falls well within the legal limits outlined by CA regulations.

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