Rigloo Mini Dab Rig-Crystallized Nectar

Rigloo Mini Dab Rig

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In the spirit of keeping our hearts warm and our vapour as cold and smooth as possible, enter the Rigloo Limited Edition mini dab rig by MJ Arsenal.
Celebrate this holiday season like never before with the most functional and fun mini dab rig the North Pole has ever seen.

Powered by the hardworking base connected to “Igloo Perc”, this baddie will be clog-resistant to the max and provide only the most smooth vapours from its “icy” core. What do our Inuit homies have cooking up?!

Enjoy the UV reactive Snow Globe splashguard as an added functional aesthetic bonus!

Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary holiday experience with Limited Edition MJ Arsenal

Brand MJ Arsenal
Material Borosilicate Glass
Colour Iridescent
Approx. Height 6.25"/16cm
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