Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinders 2.5 - Black
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Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinders 2.5 - Black

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The Kannastör Multi Chamber Grinder stands out for its exceptional durability and construction. Eradicate over-shredding with this improved model which contains magnets, a polished base tray, and a deeper collection chamber for effortless pouring.

Easy Change Screen

Kannastör's patent-pending Easy Change Screen boasts two interchangeable mesh sizes, 60 and 100 monofilaments, for personalized sifting experiences. Moreover, the screen's straightforward replacement allows for effortless maintenance and comes with a 30 Day Warranty.

Modular by Design

Kannastör Grinders boast an adjustable 3-piece configuration, enabling them to transform into a more compact size by removing the sifting chamber. This versatility makes Kannastör the premier choice in the advanced grinder market.


Kannastör Multi-Chamber Grinders offer three sizes--Large (2.5"), Medium (2.2"), and Small (1.5")--to meet various smoking requirements.

The Kannastör Multi Chamber Grinder leads in terms of durability and engineering. Say goodbye to over-shredding forever. Updated from its original design, it also includes magnets, a perfectly smooth polished base tray, and a deeper sifting chamber for an easier pour.

Easy Change Screen
The Kannastör patent-pending Easy Change Screen includes two mesh sizes, 60 mesh and 100 mesh monofilament, giving you the option to choose the sifting experience right for you. Additionally, the Easy Change Screen is well, easy to change, allowing you to replace worn-out screens without any headache. There is a 30 Day Warranty provided on all Kannastör Screens.

Modular by Design
Kannastör Multi-Chamber Grinders can break down to a slimmer, more portable 3 piece configuration by simply removing the sifting chamber. This is yet another reason why Kannastör is the most versatile and advanced grinder on the market.

Kannastör Multi-Chamber Grinders are available in Large (2.5″), Medium (2.2″), and Small (1.5″) sizes to fit your smoking needs.


Black | Rose Gold



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